Top 14 Business Advantages Using PeopleLink Video Conferencing.

PeopleLink Corporate Solutions Pvt.Ltd; is one of the best source for video conferencing in India. The Big Business Houses of India are using its video conferencing services now. It is providing the best video conferencing software to its clients; this software is secure, reliable, affordable and easy to use. The advantages from the software are many, and some of the best are put down below.
  1. Quarterly business reviews can be done easily now, using our video conferencing.
  2. Our video conferencing helps in reducing expenses in traveling, booking hotels, in entertainment etc.
  3. Helps in interactive, better and profitable sales trainings.
  4. Better and regular fact to face leading to improve productivity.
  5. It helps in developing a uniform culture and policy structure for all office locations worldwide, unifying the organization.
  6. It helps in better monitoring on employees who work from home, and remote location sales staff.
  7. Conducting customer and vendor meetings on our video conferencing, helps your products hit the market in less time, making every minute count for you.
  8. It helps in faster decision making.
  9. It helps to improve work/life balance and better employee retention.
  10. More Sales: Benefits of being able to present and meet with more customers.
  11. Accelerate Sales: Financial benefit of accelerating the sales cycle (which otherwise is extended while waiting for customer presentations and working meetings)
  12. Customer Training: Financial benefits of improving reach and frequency of training Programs. This many include better product adoption, customer retention and loyalty.
  13. Customer Support: Improving call resolution times with desktop sharing & remote control.
  14. Significantly reduces high recurring costs on bandwidth as PeopleLink Video conferencing uses the award winning technology that works even on low bandwidth (256kbps).


Uses Of Video Conferencing In Education

Video Conferencing provides students with the opportunity to learn and gain more knowledge by participation in two-way communication forum. Students from various communities and backgrounds can come together to learn about one another. Educators from world over can be brought to isolated education facilities. Students form remote villages can have a chance to interact with students of metro cities and can speak, share and gain more knowledge with their peers.

Students of different educational institutions can explore, communicate, analyze and share their knowledge on an innovative topic with each other. One group can help the other to have a visit of their educational facilities, helping the other to gain some thing new. Such group communications via video conferencing can provide enriched learning opportunities to students, especially to those who live in remote geographical locations.

Video conferencing also helps students to interact with scientists and gain more knowledge about science and technology from them. This will help them to plug thinking about superstitious thoughts, as more percentage of people at remote areas believes more in superstitions. This interaction can enlighten them the truth about a particular fact or thing, help them to believe in themselves and their ability. This type of interaction with video communication can really build a strong society and nevertheless a powerful nation.

The Government should always take a step ahead to help small schools in isolated geographical areas, so that they can use these technologies and help their students not to be got behind, should run with the main stream of modern education. There are many video conferencing software service providers, in India like PeopelLink Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd, who are providing excellent video communication services at affordable price.

A few examples of benefits that video conferencing can provide in school and campus environments include:
  • Faculty members keeping in touch with classes while attending conferences.
  • Guest lecturers brought into classes from other institutions.
  • Researchers collaborating with colleagues at other institutions on a regular basis without loss of time due to travel.
  • Schools with multiple campuses collaborating and sharing professors.
  • Faculty members participating in thesis defenses at other institutions.
  • Administrators on tight schedules collaborating on budget preparation from different parts of campus.
  • Faculty committee auditioning scholarship candidates.
  • Researchers answering questions about grant proposals from agencies or review committees.
  • Student interviews with an employers in other cities.


i-100 Audio Conferencing Phone

Peoplelink is offering i-100 Audio Conferencing Phone with excellent customer feedback.

i-100 the best audio conferencing phone in the market, following are features of this product scripted down.

  • Full Duplex with Deep DSP based Echo Cancellation >-60Db.
  • Bi-Directional Noise Suppression Purifies Voice signal from both parties with Suppression >-60db.
  • LCD Display with Caller ID.
  • Works both on PSTN and USB VOIP mode. Is Compatible with Skype, Google Talk etc and any other VOIP application.
  • Ideal for 10-15 Participants in the conference room.
  • Best for conference room within 20m2 and Microphone pickup up to 10 Ft.
  • Sonic Clear Patented Voice Processing Technology.
  • Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier and rare earth Neodymium magnet speakers.

This audio conferencing phone is also available with two extendable microphones for larger boardrooms, provides high quality clear audio voice.


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